Posted by: truevoid | August 24, 2009

prime fixation

for those who have read my previous post here know how i get too involved with prime. some time later when i was writing this post i realized that all the posts so far till then were written on a prime numbered day.

once i realized that fact every next time i wanted to blog something, something said to me today is not a prime day do not blog anything. i was convinced to certain extent that i will blog only on a prime day and it sounded uniquely different. but it also made me feel cornered because i cannot acquire the required interest to write on a prime numbered day. it became so difficult for the next three weeks that i discarded the idea of prime blogging.

yesterday, when writing about ashes it occurred to me that it was a prime numbered day. and i did some statistics and found out that most posts were made on prime numbered day. i was amused as well as confused that how can it happen even after i chose not to deliberately do it.

it turned out that almost one-third of the days in a month are prime numbers :(. that should explain it. i then thought only if a month had some thousand days i can do some prime-connection-analysis on this. on a quite different note how much i wish this month has thousand days or more and i can freeze time to quill more moments.

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