Posted by: truevoid | August 24, 2009

working a-way from work

routine and comfort zone. these are two things which most of us constantly live in, especially at work. after some unit of time** i (probably everyone) get bored of what i am doing. as it seems natural, one would like to do something else to get out of it. doing that something else, unfortunately, doesn’t come naturally for the elite group of lazy.

you lag (like 4 yrs or something) behind life due to excessive thinking only to tax your brains and hardly putting anything into action. and some time later, every now and then, thinking how to catch up with the lost time which again costs you more time and invariably pushes you further behind in life.

i think the whole struggle comes from the basic perception – how do you view your situation? a ‘routine’ or a ‘comfort zone’. whenever one thinks of their current state/situation and they always, i mean always, evaluate their situation as either ‘routine’ or ‘comfort’ – bring some change. but for fickle minds, who keep oscillating between the two definitions have serious problem, reaching anywhere. state of boredom is inevitable. so educate the mind.

this rant i wish doesn’t make sense to me tomorrow and trash it as a regular ‘monday blues’

**unit of time can be a week to a year or may be a life time.


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