Posted by: truevoid | February 17, 2009

amazing people

one can never estimate the impact of humor and from what corners they get delivered to you. i believe that govt employees, people we meet in journeys, that one kid on the street, a regular auto-rickshaw driver etc are quite something when it comes to humor. no fault of yours when you overhear conversations. now this is about a guy from the train.

scene1: guy adjusts on a seat (not allotted to him) so that two girls can have their dinner comfortably in his allotted place. good so far. note that these three are not related at all. guy patiently waits and loses his temper – girl1 starts talking on phone having one spoon of rice for every three hundred odd seconds – he scolds the girl1 – ‘first eat and then talk’. me and my colleagues cant help but wear a puzzled look on our faces. who is who to scold whom.

scene2: there was some confusion about the berths between the guy and girl1. guy _sacrifices_ his berth and starts adjusting to sleep somewhere on the floor (train’s floor) in spite of some unapproved looks from couple of co-passengers. when he is all set to sleep peacefully the girl1 comes to him and says – ‘i don’t need your berth.’ guy gets angry and scolds ‘again’. retires to his berth. the episode is not complete yet…

scene3: girl2 on the upper berth is on phone at a time when almost entire coach is sleeping. girl2, probably, going through some bad phase talks to someone comforting on the other line. stuff like ‘what i have done…please i am sorry…what mistake…what didn’t i do for you…i gave you everything’ types. mushy mushy. anyways. guy in the middle berth waits waits waits waits patiently for half an hour and knocks her berth from below and scolds for ten minutes completely with words like..’you can talk tomorrow…you people create problems among yourself why the hell you spoil our sleep. you people don’t know the value of money. your dads** earn and you waste them…do all nonsense…cry now..’ …

scene3 especially if explained in local language would be awesome. for christ’s sake!

**your dads: in this context ‘your’ refers to more than one person



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