Posted by: truevoid | January 1, 2009

prime obsession

It is almost 383 days that I realized that I have a thing for prime numbers. As I kept pondering about them I found that the concept of prime can be applied anywhere. For instance, the number ‘1’ is so weird that it is neither prime nor composite and there is no other number that can divide ‘1’ but ‘1’ is a factor for all the other numbers. In other words, taking a little liberty, I would say ‘1’ is both prime and composite. I don’t mind calling it the ultimate prime and non-prime. Then comes ‘2’ the only even number that is prime – it divides by itself and the ultimate prime. ‘2’ also is the single most prime number (second to ultimate prime number) which is a factor for all the even numbers. After that all the prime numbers that follow are odd numbers – see you have to be odd to be prime.

Now if I map this to mankind in general – ‘1’ is the ultimate ‘power’ (simply god) – one entity – undividable – part of everything. ‘2’ could easily map to highest spiritual/mythological characters as per the very old texts – say Adam, Eve, caveman etc. All the even numbers after ‘2’, have ‘2’ as a factor – so all ordinary people follow ‘2’’s teachings/religion/traditions. You find such traits in every alternate person – like every alternate number is even. What with odd people? These are people who don’t like to be like even people, have fewer factors compared to even numbers meaning that they just don’t follow any body and they definitely don’t follow even people. They are influenced by other odd people. Then comes, the interesting type – the prime people – you definitely cannot find them in every alternate people you meet. They kind of have an association with the ultimate one and in themselves. These people could be the genius, the scientist, the explorers or the great personalities that history creates. Most of the prime people are weird. It is such a difficult task to remember prime numbers beyond say 500 or 1000, so are the people in history – we only remember few and for convenience, we tag them to prime numbers that we can remember. So my 37’s prime-character can be different from your 37’s prime character. We have only talked about positive numbers – so let us assume there is something defined as ‘good’ for this world – these positive numbers work towards the ‘good’ defined. You guessed it, negative people just do the opposite to maintain balance. So negative set of numbers also have the same force with ‘evil’ (opposite of the supposedly defined ‘good’) camouflage!

To think of it, we then have complex characters just like our complex numbers (don’t remember? complex numbers are those which have a real part and an imaginary part – a+ib – where i is the square root of -1). All people who have that imaginary evil part, the complex ones like mental disorders, and hetero-personalities etc etc etc fall in this category. :). I can just go on, you have base 10, base 2, base 16 etc. They are used to represent numbers in different formats/systems – a world altogether of their own. Funnily I can think of them as hell, heaven, mars, venus kind of virtual worlds. (i deserve a pat for my imagination here…I will not leave even the galaxies if you excuse me). You can also think of other forms of numbers like floating point numbers, exponential form numbers, and logarithm numbers, Matrices – infinity is the limit. The number manipulation operators can define the behavior of a person in different context with another person. muaah! Enough already?…break….

p.s. purely fiction. if any properties of numbers are wrongly projected, I am sorry, I did not mean to. the above text is limited to my thought scope space. beyond that, it might not make sense.



  1. huh!!!!
    what an imagination??!!?! 🙂

  2. Extremely enlightening and insanely bizarre!

  3. Aizuuuu.. toooo much! keep your imagination going.! i didnt get the 37th prime character thing anyway 🙂

  4. @ricky – the 37th prime thing…haha…even me too!

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