Posted by: truevoid | February 19, 2012

indian history

very very interesting reads. for the moment, forget about the authenticity and accuracy despite the boastful documentation available. one cannot but realize the obvious that information loss is natural and how misconstrued versions of history be it political or religious or science we want to believe. despite abundant evidence which can be easily extrapolated to many aspects of life, most of us believe and follow – ‘it was said so in history, so we do it. it was what our ancestors did it, so it must be right’ – first there is no such guarantee if they did/follow the atrocious things in first place and we are just blaming and not sure if they did it, if its the accurate version that flowed to our generations. deviating, i might be, and connecting irrelevant topics but everything has one common thing – a single timeline.

couple other links are also interesting from the same blog



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