Posted by: truevoid | February 15, 2012

atheism at work

just for self-notes:

i am doubtful if we can discuss on sensitive topics like this without hurting someone or a group – its like saying – i will rip you open but please do not scream. i think that one should have the clarity between the two lines of thought. the difference is subtle yet important.

a. existence of intelligent design (creator vs non-creator)

b. and once/if you believe there is a creator, then the debate about various religions

sorting out point b is quite easy. for few it works top-down i.e. discuss point a and then point b and for others bottom-up. i will just bullet out few of my thoughts – not organized or articulated. most of them silly. please bear with that.

# the very fact this DG will be moderated is a sufficient evidence that we need policing (in one form or other) and i don’t see it was any different for a society to work in age old days. we need a code of conduct to function as a society and thus religion found its roots.

# most religions are regionalist/geographical – that itself makes me skeptical about a religion. Some religions have historical data like Abrahamic religions (Judaism/Christianity/Islam) and some are purely based on mythologies and folklore.

# religions primarily teach ‘how to lead a good life’. the do’s and don’ts. and there is a penalty of some sort if you don’t follow it. a good life forced out of fear doesn’t really qualify (in my opinion) as a divine aspect. i am sure no God would sign-up for such a job description.

# religious texts spit out the ‘conduct of life’ mostly through stories. did anyone observer the twists, the drama, the climactic nature of the tales? there is a compulsive need in the story-telling to find audience. dig a little deeper about the animal-characters in tales they are mostly ‘local’ animals because an indian story-teller couldn’t have imagined a kangaroo of australia.

# believe me, without religion we could have done a better job of coming up with ‘rules for good conduct’ as a society over a period of time. which constantly undergoes changes as per the need. but with religious texts this is difficult. in fact the religious versions were also tampered so much over the years that we have hundreds of versions and variations. the rise of various sub-sects and sub-faiths is a clear example that evolution is at work.

# seeing the attire (avatars) of religious gods and goddesses across the world tells us that they were an invention of those times. greek mythology shows us most of the gods as kings and emperors, hindu mythology also shows the same way. the human imagination about god was limited by what they could see then. if religion was invented today, our new gods would be sporting jeans and tops.

# religion has come very very very late in the game. for us the religions could be very old but if we consider the geographic timeline of earth, we may not really relate with the ‘beginning of earth/world/life’ that every religion tries to explain. a note on dinasours while we are on the same topic – quoting from my colleague’s blog

On the geographic timeline, Earth was born 4.6 bya (billion years ago). Earth did not cool down and the first rock forms did not appear until 3.95 bya.  The first sign of life (single celled organisms, etc) up until 537 mya. The mighty dinosaurs not until 249 mya. They ruled and utterly dominated earth for about 160 my and suddenly inexplicably go extinct around 63 mya. The big-daddy to the current humans the homo-sapiens came in at around 190,000 years ago. On a geographic time scale of 24 hours, the dinos ruled the earth for a full 1 hour and we have been here only for the last 8 minutes. We are already talking about devastating dangers to our existence. (Hat-tip : NatGeo). And I yet cannot understand for the love of it, that none of the texts of god even talk about a past filled with dinosaurs. The stories never even talk of mighty beasts and yet they seem to be a commandment of higher all-knowing beings. Were the all-knowing beings ignorant or just plain absent-minded and forgot to tell about the dinos.

# no two religions can be the same. there are inherent differences that cause disputes despite teaching the same thing. merely by reading, observing other faiths (apart from the one you were born into) will not enable us to understand how the other faith actually works. if one has to ‘live’ the other faith – be it for a year, five years whatever works for you following each and every aspect of that religion. and mostly we can’t do it, so singling out a religion as the best one just with theoretical knowledge doesn’t sound right to me. and i have seen people who tried to follow other religions found it immensely difficult without being biased towards their original religion.

# i like to put atheism as another religion. a religion without god.

# today’s believers are intelligent enough to discard some teachings from their religion and follow only what they think makes sense and is right. more like a shopping experience where you can customize your own religion with plug-play parts. if you magnify that, you might get a new sub-faith, sub-religion.

# we can’t really know for sure what the human race after thousands of years from now (if we don’t go extinct 😛 that is) will make of our generation. can you imagine a microsoft campus as a temple? can you imagine a religionist following for Microsoft, Apple, Google etc.? so on and so forth.



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