Posted by: truevoid | December 20, 2011

aimless rant found on web

I just keep thinking over and again. Nothing anything specific but I am always occupied with distant day dreams. I know that I can never make them true. Probably that is the reason why I want it to be a miracle. People expect too much. And why not, I am responsible if people expect that way. Popularity is cursed. It is really hard to figure out which of my acts are not sane. My mind has been so corrupted to a state where everything looks like a manipulation. I have been an early slave to my mind. It has gifted me with lot of things, the talents with which I can lead an easy life. But then I am deprived and denied me of that key that opens all such doors. Talent came in bits and pieces. I am still collecting them. It is making me more unstable. Not able to decide. Live in a chaos, a chaos that can be described best only by me. Despite knowing all these I am not able to revert. I fear that I don’t fear.  My lie is truth.  All is same yet not similar. Hoping no interruption will cross my journey. Hoping I will make something for my self.  If I cant move a brick.  If I can’t put a single thought into action, I have no right to complain about life. What if I don’t be in good books of others? I still can survive.


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