Posted by: truevoid | May 28, 2011

time ruins everything

i couldn’t understand the movie ‘irreversible’, i mean, the plot is plain simple narrated in reverse chronology, however, i could not simply relate the ‘time ruins everything’ significance. then i found this interpretation on the web so hard-hitting and i too believe that this has to be the closest to what the director of the movie might have had.

 I believe Gaspar Noe was trying to express that, given enough time there are only unhappy endings and that the joy and happiness that you’ve experienced should be cherished.

this fits beautifully the entire story, reverse narration, rawness of events in human life and almost everything in the movie. throw caution to the wind before you watch if you haven’t already because the movie can be disturbing.



  1. I wish to add to that..

    first .. the one thing i love about the cronology order that ..its exacly how we use to reason about events.. think about it..

    its the “true” natural order… when we think about the past we go back from our point in the present to the point in the past..

    and when we reason about everything thats happen… we end to remembering the good times.. and reason about it comparing the heaven with the hell that came later..and what happen..and wonder why happen..

    so that vision of the movie.. its the subjective time..

    its a genious touch.. truly.. it fits perfectly with the story..

    remember when alex said about premonitory dreams.. and then .. in the bed afterwards or foward.. she talks about a dream entering a tunel.. red tunel.. and them it became apart in two ways.. meaning after she enters the tunnel.. her destiny or even herself.. her psique would be broken in two.. never will be the same again..

    “time ruins everything” .. see.. in the beggining everything was perfect she was so happy and in peace..with a baby.. and as time pass and by one little event.. everything is ruined..

    Noe got a point.. and a very strong one.. if you put that frase in the front of the piramids.. in the past.. reaching the big.. and see what it is now..

    watch old movies.. pretty girls.. get their actual pictures now?!
    when sons are kids and the parents are they heros.. after they grow up… and hate theyr fathers..

    when you are in love.. and live the most happy live you can dream of.. and as time goes on.. everything is ruined.. all you got are memories.. and kids if you are luck.. and respect one another.. thats all..

    its a strong truth..

    its there something that time cant ruin?? i guess we are here to find out.. and hoping to find the imortal truth.. what can stand against time?

  2. @fabio
    couldnt agree more!

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