Posted by: truevoid | December 30, 2010


i got a chance to try kinect + xbox today. so how good is it? well the answer is simple – i walked out of a conference room huffing puffing, sweating and catching my breath – in just half hour. for people who work in comfy environments with lazed lifestyle, spending an hour with kinect games can easily substitute a normal-daily-fitness-excerise routine. you are burning lot of calories which unfortunately you never did earlier as you did not find any time for physical excercises. that’s not the point though – it is FUN. kids, for sure, will love this to core and i am sure they can spend all day without huffing-puffing (shame we don’t have that stamina anymore). in days to come there will be many more games available in the market for kinect.

kinect + xbox 360

kinect + xbox 360

any number of demo videos or reviews about kinect will not justify the amazing experience. sure try it.


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