Posted by: truevoid | April 6, 2010

ipl 2010 time-out

if we go by last year’s fairy tale this year the bottom two teams from last year might not be facing each other in the finals. i m guessing that it will be a tough fight  between jaipur and chennai to be the fourth semifinalist. the other three being mumbai, delhi and bangalore. no, kolkatta and hyderabad have no chances practically and don’t deserve theoretically . i watched jaipur’s spirited win yesterday, that is all it takes – team work and couple of performances. while many argue that hyderabad kissed defeat, i think jaipur deserved the win. agreed that hyderabad do not have strength in the bowling department but didn’t they succeed by giving their batsmen a target to chase just at 8 runs per over. as i have been telling that hyderabad are not good chasers, yesterday’s match is the proof. there are enough matches left in the tournament for the points table to alter drastically however i think chennai and jaipur will be closely following kolkatta, hyderabad and mohali’s matches because these three will play spoilsport to their semifinal berth contention.

p.s. its high time hyderabad franchise change their team name to dakkan chasers.



  1. Yup..can’t agree more! Deccan’s win yesterday is a mere flash in the pan.. they will be out soon! It will be interesting to see who is come out trumps between RR and CSK, both lead by superb leaders in Warne & Dhoni!

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