Posted by: truevoid | March 6, 2010

sex and guru

A Guru is a realized soul, they will say without the slightest understanding of that actually meaning. I am not sure I do, but I can certainly say that merely changing your clothes into expensive designer ‘Guru Fashion”, being able to give long lectures that appease and assuage your guilt and fears, and not having sex does not mean realization.

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As I said, more often than not, we create the Guru, we make the rules, we ask for behaviour patterns based on our own sense of guilt and morality. And finally we Crucify the Guru for being Mortal. I am sorry, but they were always mortal in any case, but immortal only in our creation. So much so that while everyone else just dies, a Guru ‘decides to leave his/her earthly body!


  1. First, Kalki,
    now Nithi,
    next Sri Sri of Art of Living,

    check out

    to know what really happens in this chaste and pure organisation

  2. @Dr Quentin Jones
    i agree that there is lot of rubbish in such chaste and supposed purity but what i meant is why seek it in the first place and later blame?

    aren’t we to be blamed for our inability to assess them rightly?

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