Posted by: truevoid | January 31, 2010

phir mile sur

for most of us who grew up watching the first mile sur mera tumhara, the recent version phir mile sur did not excite us. lot of us have expressed our disappointment and some enraged for insulting the original.

mile sur mera tumhara was intended to present the concept singularity of india with some known faces from different parts of india. we must remember that in those times we hardly had access to media, celebrities, music, information – a time when chitrahaar, rangoli, news, a weekend cinema, few serials and handful of other programs were the ONLY source of entertainment and information. so naturally for us when we saw the glimpse of all states, some actors, musicians, singers we were thrilled. towards the climax of the video children with indian tricolor formation seemed perfect and we believed that yes, we are united!

logically speaking phir mile sur has all these ingredients but we don’t have the taste for it now. there has been a revolution in the communication medium, internet, countless tv channels. today we have ample resources to reach, access actors, musicians, singers, sportsmen and lot of times we have no choice to ignore when such information is thrown at us.

honestly speaking, we would have been enthralled at the visionary and stunning visuals and music too of the second version if the times we lived now are same as what it was 20 years ago. i think the new version is not aimed for us. if you ask kids of this generation they will obviously choose phir mile sur because they can relate to the current musicians, singers, actors. there are flaws in the second version as well which could have been totally avoided. but when you invested money you look at profits and what appeals to current audience.

don’t rant because it was not made for us and we cannot think without comparing it to original. so when you see a r rahman or shankar ehsaan loy or shah rukh khan or shreya ghoshal doing what they are known for worldwide in this video, lets just accept it as today’s reality.

and if you ask where is spirit of unity, secular india, i think it was not there in the original as well. and from when did just presenting something in a video reflected the ground reality. we have problems with our own borders- there is a marathi manoos, national language issue, a telangana, conflicting interests of states, new borders already created, cry over natural resources and hazaar other problems. till we just can NOT stop thinking of ill for others and hold on to our dear borders, lets call spirit of unity – a farce!



  1. So very true!

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