Posted by: truevoid | January 13, 2010

the silhouette

the clarity of night announced a 250-word-fiction contest on jan 4 and i decided that i will come up with something and take this opportunity as inspiration to get back to writing. and knowing that if i read the other entries before i submit mine, i might end up not writing (due to high writing standards of the participants) or get influenced by some of the stories there. i conveniently chose jan 9 for writing on a relaxed weekend.

by the night of jan 11, i decided i will not be submitting anything because i was not able to write and when some words were shaping into a story i was skeptical and apprehensive if it will meet the standards or will it be received well.

on the night of jan 12, it dawned on me that i am doing it for myself – hence i decided to send anything than do nothing. after i did that i started reading other entries today – some took me by surprise and my entry started to pale even more in comparison.

in course of couple of days after reading through all the entries, i will link the entries which i liked the most from the contest.



  1. never let what others write influence your actions… and yes, first and foremost, write for yourself!

    i’d love to read yours, please?

  2. @laughingwolf

    you already read mine. entry #176 đŸ˜€

  3. Re: your comment on my piece. I have been coming to the desert (SE New Mexico) 12 years now. 3 Snows this winter already, one 5 inches. A few years ago, nearly 8 inches. It happens.

    Thanks for your comment and your interest.

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