Posted by: truevoid | December 20, 2009

religion & language

this is a squeezed-in summary of certain dialogue i had today.

the reason why we don’t question religion and follow few things just because we are supposed to be because for the idiotic fact that it is unexplainable. in our limited world, we are witnesses to a lot of things. among those, many events few of them are short-lived that we see the entire transformation from one phase to another, from one point to another point. and we have enough data to support or reject whatever has happened between those points.

the reason why many accept science is because we see the results and have RELIABLE documentation.

track from point x to point y. in a time x to y, people make changes considering it as progress. in 1970 if we had first generation computers and by 2010 we have most sophisticated laptops with immense features, it is very difficult to convince our selves that computers of 1970 are the best, they need to be preserved. since the evolution/change is quick enough we are able to say the difference and definitely will not suggest/expect the generations to come after another 200 years to consider the 1970 computers the best and use them. so we call it progress and accept it because we see the evolution in front of us, we can quantify and use our sensibilities to form an opinion. likewise, the social reforms, the loss of culture as we call it today is also part of similar metamorphosis just that it takes a tad too long for us to observe it or control it.  if what happened between 1000 a.d and 2000 a.d is seen by one single person, that person will have the closest opinion to being correct. right or wrong is purely perspective and it is a function of time, context, people and lot of other variables. an event can be labeled a right or wrong only after it occurs and it is correct for the people involved.

we studied at least one programming language, and we are aware of the fact that it has changed enormously from what it was initially. now if some one argues that the initial version (which probably just added two numbers) is the most sacred form of the programming language and you should use it rather than the latest version; i am sure you would reject the idea down-right as trash. here we have enough information, pleasing results to convince ourselves. this is a simpleton because it is explainable.

religion, i think, was a name for the unexplainable. we all know that once the earth was considered flat. but the generations who thought the world was flat, will never believe us. unless something becomes explainable, it’s difficult to appreciate it. let’s consider the color ‘blue’, and it’s hard to explain why it is called ‘blue’ why not ‘junk’. that would be unexplainable. after some generations, if some generation has indeed called it ‘junk’.  the next generations will not have any problem identify ‘junk’ as ‘blue’, so they are at peace. if two people, one from blue generation and other from junk generation argue, there will be no winners. because both are right. if we never graduate from b/w to color, we would always be in gray. religion is the gray needless to say.

but alas, the religion related changes occur too slowly that a jurassic world would come and go. hence it is difficult to connect the missing points, and the un-explainability frustrates us to a level where we leave it un-understood because we have other important things to do. if we can compress the time lines to an extent that a single hundred years would be a second, we can see as well see the progress that religion made just like we see the progress that computers made. then it would be easy to understand the religion is a hoax. it’s like frog in a well.


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