Posted by: truevoid | December 20, 2009

pixel death

can one identify a pixel from other? can a pixel have different purpose than other fellow pixels? if yes, was certain pixel luckier than other or was it a hard working pixel while others where just blinking away all through? if no, are they alive enough to be not declared dead?

a pixel may rise to prominence only because it happened to be at a particular co-ordinates at a particular time while others ignorantly led a life without a point. it routes to a biased probability and mean nature by other pixels so that the average is not disturbed from slumber.

what am i trying to say? you don’t see the point, do you? how many of us are trapped in the static of pixel life cycle? if one argues that pixel is a lifeless human-made insignificant inanimate object, and trying to contrast it to something else that is bright is absurd – well they could be right as long as truth doesn’t brush through their life co-ordinates. are you a blinking??

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