Posted by: truevoid | December 20, 2009

owning a thought

what happens if i ‘own’ a thought, like i buy it? i am not talking about patent-ing something i discovered or invented (that’s not a possibility, i heard it requires brains) but just what i think and no one else or nothing else can alter it from its original form and any probably i can rent it. likewise, when i am in need of some thought i will rent it from you?

let me explain, if that will help, if i thought about my purchased thought ‘i like black color‘ and if someone else thinks the same, and that person will have to pay a some kind of fee for thinking about it. it should not be confused with owning the usage rights of the sentence, but the thought.

why would one need to buy a thought if one can create their own? even if it is possible how can you monitor who is using your thought? you are asking these because now you have the choice of creating your own. aren’t we already part of the thoughtless world – being sheep.

this way, at least some day in future, we can control everything that is to say, people are born thought less. we buy thoughts as per one’s affordability from the market, plug them into brains and use it, without any questioning or rationale.

p.s. i know this will make no sense



  1. The blog did not make sense (as you pointed out in the end ;-)).

    What was interesting was that the second sentence spanned over three lines and did not have a single punctuation mark.

  2. @kartik
    do own ‘punctuation’ rights? i need to rent them šŸ™‚
    and sorry that i could not write pixel-death as i wanted to šŸ˜¦

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