Posted by: truevoid | December 20, 2009


i crave for loneliness. it brings the best in me. it’s the loneliness which i think makes me see everything around in a peaceful way. and times when i am not lonely in my thoughts, i can be super-fickle. affection, relationships, society, you-name-it only looks so trivial. how appropriate is it to invest time, energy and emotions? but i am part of the confused world, which has already lost it, that keeps pulling me. today survival out of society is not possible. how can one follow more than one path simultaneously, the paths which are different in nature? that’s when one gets bruised and battered. a career of life, as i see, is nothing but oscillating between two terms – being selfish and selfless. use these words in conjunction with any event/phase of your life, you might understand.


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