Posted by: truevoid | August 17, 2009


in the afternoon, the sudden outburst of rain (read as fat tear drops), albeit a short one, made me delighted. It was almost bright sun for the rest of all evening. It started raining, again, by the time i wrapped my work. gauging the seriousness of the rainfall (which apparently was as heavy as what one would have called more than a drizzle) i decided to leave office. i hadn’t yet reached the parking lot when i got a call from office and i reluctantly went back to office which cost me some fifteen minutes. precious fifteen minutes.

approximately two minutes on the bike from the office, i was drenched, completely. add to that , the traffic froze. add to that – it started pouring heavily like sky crying out loud that – i started feeling my own weight in my soaked clothes. at this point i erred, i parked the bike and ran for shelter hoping that the rain would subside. not wasting the opportunity i secured my mobile phone from rain. i started to pass time watching the traffic play freeze-unfreeze, the splatter of rain in various directions and my unfocused warble.

In the next one hour that i stood there i grew impatient and was worried as i saw many people pushing their two wheelers because the engine wouldn’t start or water might have clogged the silencer etc. one such person parked the bike (where i was standing) and resorted to the public transport option. i saw that the other side of the road (across the road divider) was relatively free and it was obvious that the rain would not stop; so i joined the traffic game after an hour wait. after inching slowly to a decent distance i could come on to the other side of the road and drove back to the office. after i reached the office, i saw that the traffic was moving at a considerable rate on the main road. i assumed that if i drive in this route probably i will reach home and ditched the idea of leaving my bike at office (and taking a taxi).

ten minutes of my journey from there was as smooth as the rain itself. my first fear came when i was at the depth of a flyover which had housed rain water to considerable height that it can choke two-wheelers. as there was no way i can avoid it, i proceeded and concentrated on my bike’s engine noise to see if it would give up. we passed through that swimming-puddle lake successfully. i observed for the first time the water vaporizing on the silencers. i kept telling myself – from the next turn it will be a free zone, just make it to that next turn – but every turn had the same deadlock. relying on wrong-routes was the ordeal for the day and it would have easily saved me some twenty odd minutes.

i cleared all the stagnant puddles lakes that i encountered later, with a lot of hesitation – sometimes cashing on V ripple that the vehicle ahead of me created, sometimes watching the path the vehicles ahead of me took and guessing the topography of the road, estimating where the manholes are, where the speed breakers are, which part of the road is relatively less shallow, so on and so forth.

passing through the conglomeration of water and what-not near the railway tunnel is easily my toughest task of the day. the guilt of taking the wrong-routes was washed away when i saw the traffic police men guiding us in the wrong-routes near the tunnel. i was certain that my bike will give up crossing this pool because the vehicles moved as quickly as one eternal second and the tunnel was the biggest puddle lake length wise. most of the people would not even dare to walk this tunnel when its dry, and i see all of us going through the same tunnel like flock. if there wouldn’t have been a word called ‘exaggeration’ i would say we swam through that swamp!

the last turn that gave me a free-drive zone was the turn that led to my house. in any way i would have got drenched so i shouldn’t have waited for the rain to show mercy. the near ninety minutes that i waited was enough for the rain water to flood to lock themselves to stagnate and pose traffic problems; which i could have avoided if i did not wait.

# i observed a small boy tasting the rain water (as a kid i used to face the sky and try to keep my eye open while i traced the rain drop path till it fell in the eye. i also would get pocketful of insects from school during rainy days which would be dead by the evening);
# i have seen four ambulances in the traffic;
# i saw two ‘L’ boards on car (must have been an amazing experience);
# a brand new bike probably bought today itself;

this is my first ever encounter with flood-city-driving. reminds of kaalatraya’s recent experience. for record sake, it took me hour and half for the journey excluding the ninety minute wait and the distance traveled did not exceed 8km.


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