Posted by: truevoid | August 7, 2009

ethical dilemna

“i m taking a small risk by going in the wrong route else i will have to go long enough to find a U turn” i said talking on the phone. After some distance i was driving as per the regulations but the traffic police stopped me.

[truevoid: oh you are talking while driving another safety-violation]

“i saw you coming in the wrong route”, he said asking me to park my bike to a side and took my bike keys.

“did you know that you’ll be fined if you drive in the wrong route?”


“it will be Rs. 200 for the challan, are you really aware?”

“ya i do”

he asked another similar question and that is when i realized that this conversation will not end so quickly or easily. he started walking to his traffic pedestal; i chose not to follow him and stayed where i was. i was hoping that he would bring the challan book and write me the challan and i can go. he walks to me but doesn’t show any intentions of giving me a challan.

“can we get this done quick? I have to rush”

“hmmm ok. are you student or employee?”


“can you write me the challan i have to go” i said trying to sound urgent.

“think again saar. It will be late to write challan and you are saying that you have to hurry”, he was beating around the bush.

“ok you tell me with which officer should i get my challan written”

“do you have 200 rupees with you then? do you really want to pay?”

after i said yes, he took me to the building on the other side of the road; as we entered the building he stopped and showed the bikes that were parked and said “look saar. you are not listening to me…are you seeing all these bikes…the officer writes challan… and he will also make you wait for 3 hrs before you can take the bike…and you are saying you are in hurry…think about it saar…you said you have 200 rupees right…give me a hundred and get going”

probably he thought that he would exploit the lie that i told that i have to rush.

“oh. is there no way out?”


“ok. lets get over with the challan thing and I will worry about the 3 hrs wait-time with your supervisor”

areyy…why don’t you listen saar…just hundred”

“see i am not going to give you even a single paise

“as if you are the only honest person in the entire world, and without your generous money i cannot survive. i can get money from other motorist just like this if i really wanted to” he said handing the keys to me.

“i am not giving any money”, i confirmed lest he says that i agreed to give him hundred rupees.

“who asked you money?” was his reply.

“just like you thought that i will bribe my way like most people, i considered that you will ask for it” i acted apologetic so that he doesn’t sulk or pester me till i cross the road and leave that scene.

“will you believe if i say that i broke the traffic rules for the first time now?” i asked him a trick question.


i am sure that he might have found someone else who contributed to his bribe quota for the day and he is quite sure that i have violated traffic rules many times. yes, sometimes i do.

[truevoid: so eventually you and the officials who bribe are the same. you break rules and expect that you will not be caught and he breaks the rules to accept bribe hoping that he will not be caught]

i did not get this lucky the previous time, the traffic police challan-ed me for holding an out-dated pollution test certificate, after i denied the bribe to the policeman.

but the question is – is honesty still the best policy?


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