Posted by: truevoid | July 29, 2009

the song of sparrows

Watched The Song Of Sparrows persian movie half way through, looked similar to the Children Of Heaven, but very powerful. The movie has no innovation but the subtlety with which the emotions are handled is commendable. Neatly done by the director Majidi. The main lead Reza almost carries the entire movie on his shoulders. I remember trying to find about Ali’s Father (Reza) and Ali (Amir Farrokh) after watching Children Of Heaven earlier.

This movie is about Karim who leads contended life with his wife and three children in a rural setting. He loses his job at the ostrich farm when one of the ostrich runs away due to his mistake. He visits the city (Tehran) to get the hearing-aid repaired for his daughter and finds himself a job there. Once he starts working in the city, he changes drastically. His son Hussein has a single most passion of raising fish in the back yard pond (which he cleans up with his friends) much against Karim’s will. Hussein with other boys work hard for a gardener to earn money so that they can buy fish from him before he sells it to others. The scene where the kids let go the fish when the bucket breaks is heart wrenching. Karim breaks his leg while doing some work in the storage shed at his home and is unable to return to his job. It is at this point of time, he starts appreciating the old life – returning to your home literally. Thats pretty much the substance of the story.

Unforgettable scenes from the movie

– Karim in a fury walking to the pond to destroy it, finds a nest with couple of sparrows.

– Hussein and kids crying over the fish and Karim’s expression at that moment.

– A sparrow (kind of locked in the room) trying to go out and Karim opening the door to help.

– Karim’s delight on seeing the ostriches towards the end of movie

I do not remember the movie Children Of Heaven, completely – but the story goes like this. Ali loses his sister’s shoes and requests his sister to manage with his shoes to go to the school. They keep it secret so that their parents don’t find it out. The movie shows lot of running by the kids between the school and their house as they have to exchange the shoes so that the other can go to the school on time. Later, there is a inter-school ‘running race’ and the second prize is a pair of sneakers. That catches Ali’s attention and he participates from his school. He unfortunately comes first trying hard to finish second and is sad. The movie ends showing him submerge his feet in the wash-tank in his house showing the blisters on his feet due to the race – a tiny fish swimming between his legs – and his dad coming in towards the house with a pair of sneakers hanging from his bicycle.


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