Posted by: truevoid | July 26, 2009

conversation games

did you play them any time? i do it a lot!

generally people do play such games when they want to decide something or convince heart & mind that the decision they have taken is right or want their favorite sports team to win or something like that…you get it right? like you toss a coin odd number of times and if it heads more than tails – destiny is in favor to whatever you were thinking! (you compile peace when you don’t find it!)

but when you play alone – there is a high chance that you will cheat. dismiss the game when its not favorable citing the reasons that it is damn silly game. trust me, sometimes being silly is the way out to/off life.

i was recently reminded of such silly game-conclusions by the book ‘the curious incident of the dog at the night time‘ where christopher boone considers a day to be good if he sees red cars and as bad if he sees yellow cars.

i resorted to a yes/no/maybe question game. i involved another person in the game so that you alone don’t have control. it is simple game. after so many years i see similar ‘games for fun’ among bloggers mostly referred as ‘tags’

the game is simple – you ask questions to the team player in the mind preferably not in person – the other person will answer the questions in yes/no/maybe. you can answer in more words not just in boolean to make it more interesting for the person who is questioning. if you want fun – share the questions later with each other.

sample this – i am asking questions and the responses are –

question 1 (i just say that i asked you a question)
no (the reply)

question 2
no. you cannot ask that question.

question 3
of course yes!

the questions i asked in my mind:
1. this game is really silly right?
2. i am skeptical about the results of this game. its cheating pleasantly.
3. the answers i get seem to match. is this all true??

do try!


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