Posted by: truevoid | July 5, 2009


when i switched on the television i thought the match must have been completed. the score, evenly balanced, was  two sets each and federer leading the fifth set,  6 games to 5. seeing the score i thought i tuned in just-in-time to see federer win. as games progressed i came to know that federer did not break roddick’s service and roddick was a better player through out. federer had more winners and shooted *fifty* aces as well as made more unforced errors. at one point of time i was bored seeing the fifth set prolong – federer holding his serve and unable to break roddick’s. in the 30th game of the fifth set, federer broke roddick’s serve for the first time in this match to win the final set, the wimbledon 2009 title and breaking the record for most grandslams ever – 15. federer back to #1, a true champion.



  1. I think Federer was better.

    Roddick bottled it in the second set

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