Posted by: truevoid | June 7, 2009

fedex and french jinx

so its over. roger federer finally wins french open, a title that has evaded this maestro for so long.

almost six years back, one of my engineering classmate kishore said – ‘he will reign. his time is about to begin’ – at that time i did not know much about roger. i did not see him play either. after some months or a year i guess, i saw his game and boy! one can’t help but admire his play. just too perfect.

‘his game is too perfect. even if he does not perform in one department he might lose. that is the price you have to pay for being a perfectionist. he is not like others who depend on one or two strengths like service or forehand or backhand or half-volley etc. if he has to win he has to get everything right’, kishore said after losing to nadal last time. so true i thought.

the problem with him against nadal is more of ‘mind thing’ rather than the game itself. fortunately for fedex fans nadal was not his opponent in the french open final today. and he cruises to victory to win his maiden french title.

however, i would i have wished fedex playing nadal and then clinching the title. may be its destined for next year. go fedex go.

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