Posted by: truevoid | May 28, 2009

ipl 2009

it was indeed a fairy tale ending to this year’s ipl; the two teams that topped the points table in 2008 upside down, emerged as winners. i think bangalore making that impossible leap, winning almost every game after the tournament was halfway through, to reach semis is commendable. i always had my reservations about the way the winners are decided in such grueling tournaments which are long enough. a format which consists of over half-century matches, the winners should be the one, who are consistent. if we talk about ipl, in my opinion the winners should be the one who have the most points after each team played every other team twice. or every game should be a knock-out. but it has always been the semi-finals and then the final, after n number of matches are played at least in cricket tournaments. can’t complain.

talking about the final, it was a thrilling entertainer till the last ball. both bangalore and hyderabad, would have opted to chase if they won the toss – hyderabad because it cannot put up big score due to weak middle/low order and bangalore because of their immense depth in their batting line up till player number 8 – all genuine batsmen. hyderabad relying on some individual performances for a win and bangalore on the entire team for a win. i felt the match was one-sided after seeing the target hyderabad set – an easy win for the bangalore’s long batting line up and weak bowling of hyderabad. i wanted to see manish pandey’s stylish strokes, in particular.

so what made the match interesting is the second half – the chase. despite a cake-walk target for bangalore to chase the match was never one-sided.

i liked the dramatic end because hyderabad never had a good bowling attack and defending such a low total and winning by ball rather bat amused me the most. bangalore, on the other hand, did not do anything wrong i.e. their bowling was terrific – they were jubilant seeing the number of runs to chase to lay their hands on the trophy. except for dravid, in my opinion no other batsman played silly shot to lose their wicket. if you ask me, bangalore lost only because they did not handle pressure in that crucial final (surprisingly they pulled wins from impossible situations earlier in such pressure situations). ravi sastri said ‘thats what pressure can do to you in big games’. hyderabad on the other hand, i think did well in pressure, because it was a lost match (not enough runs on the board and no early break throughs – wickets). for any team, to see a victory snatched from their hands is more heart-breaking than losing itself. bangalore should have held their nerve a little longer!!!

i watched the repeat telecast of this match for its sheer entertainment factor!

there are two reasons that made this year’s ipl special for me:
# one, a thrilling finish to the tournament and an exciting final and
# two, for all those weird supporters (i know) of teams – who wish ill-luck for other teams – see losing. i just hate the negative energy.


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