Posted by: truevoid | March 16, 2009


my colleague and i were traveling back to office at mysore in an auto rickshaw on this day last year. it was drizzling lightly and the roads were wet. it should be around nine or quarter to ten in the night when we met with an accident. the auto rickshaw in which we were traveling fell on to its left and skid for a good five meters across the road from left to right diagonally. i happened to sit on the left and in split of a second the auto was on my leg. shockingly ( 🙂 hehe) there were no heavy vehicles (buses/lorries) coming from the opposite  direction that day. strangely i just got couple of bruises but the auto driver was bruised badly. we knew that he was handicapped and was drunk only after we got in. my colleague bought a saree for his wife that day and he immediately called his wife after we reached the guest house. the reason i remember this day is because i said to my colleague, ‘today is my unofficial bday – as per my certificates – and look it could have as well become my official dday’


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