Posted by: truevoid | December 29, 2008

back to business

There is whole different world out there.

I did not have a concrete plan when I left my previous job. It was an impulsive action, I would say in retrospect, but a much needed one. So a month passes by in a blink of eye and soon the reality stared into my face. The next month seemed to drag and the third started to panic me a little. Panic in any dosage is definitely not anybody’s choice. The days when I was no longer working were sometimes equally occupied with some ad hoc previous office related activities. Then there were days where I was completely lazing in my bed and kept calling few people, time and again, until they were annoyed.

In sudden chaos of events, I happened to start working for a small company. Learning about the company and responsibilities finally put me in a tight schedule. If I had to describe my work week I will not be able to define my tasks or activities but can easily summarize as – ‘hectic’. Like they say someone’s area of strength can be somebody else’s weak area, so my job can be damn easy to someone else.

Having breathed corporate work ethic for almost four years, seeing things not in any random order here chokes me literally. So how hard is it to bring structure, discipline and order in the company? It will take time and that’s the only thing I don’t have. Doing it without hurting the work environment is quite a challenge for me.

My ship is being pushed back by the weak shore waves, I wonder if this journey will make it through strong waters in future. As far as work is concerned I learned that people learn certain things only when they have to go through it. It is a complete waste of time trying to fill people’s mind with wisdom. It will not work trust me. It is rather a sad ending that paved my beginning here. I will not divulge about that part of the story.

So here I am – just waiting to see the next few weeks unfold – and probably by then I will have some grip – until then floating all over!

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